Tax Deduction Information (for USA residents) -- keep your receipts and write it off!


Freelance retirement / savings info


To MFA or not to MFA -- Lists of funded MFA visual arts programs -- A circa 2012 thread from GradCafe that is an excellent resource on MFA w/ good funding  -- A google doc spreadsheet with schools broken down regionally and by funding (author unknown)  -- List of both overpriced (in opnion or author) grad programs to avoid as well as list of ones with funding to look at -- List of free or low-cost grad programs  -- A circa 2012 list of 10 MFA programs that "give most bang for buck" (some are still very pricey)  -- for writing MFA programs, but applicable advice on things learned applying to grad programs


Reputable Residency Programs & Residency databases / networks -- A list of global residencies listed by countries with upcomming deadlines -- Searchable guide & database of global residency programs -- Searchable guide & database of residency programs all over -- A searchable guide & database of residency programs around the world. Really awesome resource -- Searchable guide & database of residency programs all over. Also with thorough reviews from past residents!   -- someone's Pinterest board with links to many Residencies -- Chronological list of residency programs from around the world
Lists of top residency programs:  -- List of top artist residencies  -- Guide to 20 'offbeat' residency programs  -- Guide to 20 top residency programs  -- List of 11 of the world's most unusual artist residencies -- List of 10 paid / funded residencies around the world


Grants / Funding for the Arts  -- List of organizations / networks out there for artist grants. Good starting point if you're looking for funding for a project  -- Great resource with listings for organizations / networks to find grants, funding, as well as residency programs -- Circa 2012 list of top 20 artist grants / fellowships " might actually be able to get." 


Call for Entries Sites / Databases -- Apply, apply, apply!  -- Can do filtered searches for listing w/o an application fee  -- International calls. Most are $35 fee for 3 images  -- Chronological list of calls in US  -- Chronological list of calls in US  -- Center of Santa Fe International Calls for entry for photo-based work -- Chronological list of calls (mostly in US)